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1. Primary Setup
2. Challan Report
3. Expenses
4. Received Payments
5. Stock
1. UOM:Add Unit of Measurement
2. Product: Add Product Name
3. Supplier: Add Supplier Information
4. Customer: Create Customer Information
5. Stock Location: Stock location where keep product.
6. Customer Project: Create Customer Project
7. Employee/Driver: Record for Employee/Driver
8. Vehicle/Truck: Record of Vehicle/Truck
9. Add Challan: Create new Challan for Driver & Customer.
Driver Report: View Driver wise Challan report
Company Wise Report: View Customer Wise Challan Report.
Project Wise Report: View project wise challan report.
Truck/Vehicle No. Wise Report: View truck/vehicle wise challan report.
1. Expense Type: Input different types of expense.
2. Expenses: Record all expenses.
3. Expense Report: View expenses filtering by expense type.
1. Payment Head: Add different types of payment head.
2. Receive Payments: Entry all received payment.
3. Party Payments Report: All customer wise payment
Opening Stock: Opening Stock Quantity. And Entry Stock in & Stock out.