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Dream Soft IT will provide you Point of Sales (POS) Software that specializes in delivering top quality performance in accounting. All the related calculations are performed automatically and instantly, giving your staff valuable time to focus on other important tasks. Our software will send all the required sales information to your accounting software seamlessly without any hiccups. Our Stock Inventroy Management Software is designed for effortless stock control. You will know which products are low on stock and when they require re-orders. With the huge pool of data our software collects, you will also be able to perform intelligent analysis tasks automatically to find out key information about your sales performance. With our authorization structure, you will be able to decide who gets access to what specific features or parts of data within the software. We also keep in mind the need for user friendliness for your employees. This results in shorter training periods as they are able to get adjusted to our software easily due to its natural mode of operations, compared to other proprietary software that feature complex interfaces to show off their work. Our simplicity will only mean faster operation and adaptation for your employees. Producing appropriate reports is an essential feature that many software in the market fail to deliver properly. Our software is designed to produce quality reports with a wide variety of layouts and categories. We thought about every kind of report output you could want and more, giving you reports that will be useful for your business needs, even though you haven’t thought about it before.

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